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Hi, I’m David Lindo also known as The Urban Birder. I’m a wildlife broadcaster, nature writer, bird guide leader, speaker and urban wildlife educationalist.

During my pursuit of natural history and in particular birds, I have crossed a lot of rivers and seen a lot of land. My travels have taken me to all the continents, over oceans, through jungles, across savannahs, wading through marshes and of course, into the heart of mighty cities.

The common thread throughout has been the many wonderful species of birds that I have encountered. It’s fair to say that birds are everywhere, however, they along with all other wildlife are facing increasing threats to their survival.

With this website I would like to highlight the diversity of birdlife and other wildlife in our urban centres and beyond. I would also like to invite you to send me your stories of urban wildlife encounters along with your experiences birding in the countries and locations around the world that may not be so well known.

Sometimes you don’t have to be in the middle of nowhere as some fascinating species can be found in the middle of somewhere!

Allow me to show you.

To find out more about me look at About David.