Tales from Urban Birders

Series of blogs and articles written by people about urban birds

Urban Birding in London

by Kabir Kaul (aged 13)

London. A city you wouldn’t associate with bird migration, wetlands, woodlands and general greenery. Well, guess what! All this exists within a capital that has...

Birding in Delhi

with Paul Milne

Delhi is a huge city with a population of over 14 million people. As a birding venue the city has a remarkable number of interesting sites. In spite...

Bucharest Birding

by Gerard Gorman

There can't be many European capital cities in which a Globally Threatened bird species occurs, but that is the case with Bucharest. The bird...

The American Robin

by Michael Fritz-Graham

I'll take Manhattan!... and they have, by storm and popular demand. Possibly the most famous and loved bird in the USA, the American Robin…

Chimney Swifts

by Michael Fritz-Graham

What Is That? Twittering, chattering little acrobatic cinders with wings have been swooping in and out of your chimney stack. They're not bats. ...