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In Conservation With… is a series of Zoom interviews with some of the leading figures in the natural history sector. I will be in conservation with birders, ornithologists, biologists, conservationists, broadcasters, writers, opinion leaders and today’s big thinkers..

The conversations will be factual and intuitive as well as sometimes irreverent and downright silly. The topics to be discussed will range from birding and all that entails to conservation issues, art, music and politics. The ethos behind these sessions will be to leave viewers/listeners enthused and even more curious about our natural world.

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New guests to be announced on a regular basis


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New guests to be announced on a regular basis

Erica McAlister Tuesday 23 April 7pm BST

Topic: Metamorphosis

Erica is the Principal Curator for Diptera (Flies) and Siphonaptera (fleas), mostly working with the Lower Brachycera (Chunky flies that include the bee flies and the robber flies), Mycetophilidae (fungus gnats) and Culicidae (mosquitoes). She has carried out many research projects with mosquitoes both around the UK and abroad, recently working with DNA extraction of historic specimens. Erica is currently working on Urban Nature projects, rewilding projects as well as general Biodiversity projects both in the UK and abroad - recently this has included Peru, Honduras, and Romania. She is working on describing many new species of Diptera from Dominica with both internal and external collaborators. As well as her profession commitments she is very much involved in public engagement both within the museum and externally giving talks to both professional and amateur natural history organisations as well as in schools, at festivals and on the radio including narrating a Radio 4 series ‘Metamorphosis – How Insects Transformed Our World (2 series) and ‘Who’s the Pest?’. Erica has published popular science books -‘The secret life of Flies’ which won an award for zoological communication by the ZSL, ‘The Inside Out of Flies’, A Bugs World (Longlisted for the Wainright Prize for Children’s Writing on Nature and Conservation; Short listed for the Royal Society Childrens Book Award) Erica is the Chair of the Dipterists Forum, Honorary Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society and Hon Fellow of the British Naturalists Society. Find out why Erica works like a blue-arsed fly to make insects popular!

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David — what a huge pleasure to be in conversation/conservation with you last night! And my Mum turned up. And my dad later, too, apparently. And another Macfarlane I’d never heard of. So many people saying nice stuff about the conversation, and all of that brought out by your generous, warm, informal style & friendliness.

Loved it. Thank you, my friend. Next time in person, please. With bins and birds!

Robert MacfarlaneNottinghamshire 19 June 2020

I highly recommend attending the ‘In Conservation With’ webinars hosted by David Lindo!

Kareemah ChopraTwitter, 20 June 2020

Kabir Kaul is a bright, amusing and articulate 14 year old who has his fingers in many pies and it was great to hear him enthusiastically share his knowledge about birds and the natural world.

Fran BeeLincolnshire, England

Hi David, absolutely loving the webinar series, super idea at this time especially, what a thrill to be able to learn from such talented people on such an intimate forum. And able to ask any questions too! Nevermind the more than generous token payment or even free!!

Thanks so much !!

Fianna and MacDublin, May 2020

I loved the Darren Woodhead ’in conversation with…’ session; thanks for putting it on. In particular, it was a real treat to watch Darren paint, and I’d love to see more of that. The early notebooks were fun too, as was the ‘how I got here…’ stuff – but it was the watercolour moving on the page that fascinated me.

I paint watercolours myself, and have recently spent a lot of time sitting by a hedge, trying to paint the birds there – which makes me acutely aware of Darren’s observational skills, and controlled yet fluid mark making. Gorgeous to watch.

More, please!

Clare DiproseBath, England